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Any James Bond fan will tell you that Ian Fleming's brilliance dwelled in his ability to make the fantastic plausible. Those were far different publishing times then but I am sure that even Mr. Fleming would have been impressed with the progression of the publishing world as more writers are able to connect with the masses.

Today even Mr. Fleming would have found it taxing to get his book into the hands of a major publisher and in front of millions. In fact, you will have a better chance of Bond getting killed than a major publisher or an agent even reading your book. Worldly-recognized companies like Ion Global Publishing have not only combined the elements of traditional publishing and self-publishing but have mastered the art of the process. Here are several advantages to this innovative approach:

  1. Control: Hybrid publishing allows authors to retain more control over the publishing process than they would with traditional publishing. They can choose the cover design, formatting, and marketing strategies.

  2. Speed: Hybrid publishing can be faster than traditional publishing because authors don't have to wait for a publishing house to accept their manuscripts. They can move forward with publishing their book once it's ready.

  3. Royalties: Hybrid publishing can offer higher royalties than traditional publishing. Since the author is responsible for many of the costs associated with publishing, they can receive a larger share of the profits.

  4. Support: Hybrid publishers can offer a range of services, including editing, cover design, and marketing, which can help authors produce a professional-quality book.

  5. Flexibility: Hybrid publishing offers authors more flexibility than traditional publishing in terms of the types of books they can publish. They can experiment with different genres, formats, and lengths.

Overall, hybrid publishing can be an attractive option for authors who want more control over the publishing process, a faster route to market, and higher royalties, and No One Does it Better. :)

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